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About Chirmiri

Chirmiri is a very beautiful hills station as well as important industrial city in Chhattisgarh state. It is located in Koriya District. It is probably one of the rare places in India that enjoys unique distinction of being a hills station as well as important industrial city.

About Chirmiri
Chirmiri Railway Station

Administration in Chirmiri

All civic responsibilities of this town are entrusted on Chirmiri Muncipal Corporation. Like all other Municipal Corporation, it has to fully ensure that water is supplied to all households, sewerage and drainage are well maintained, ensure complete maintenance of street lights and facilitate collection of property tax. Besides, it also runs many healthcare schemes for all its local citizens.Talking about wards and administration, then there are total 40 wards in Chirmiri Muncipal Corporation. Expectedly election for this 40 wards are held once in every 5 years. However, all executive and administrative powers are vested in the hands of Municipal Commissioner, who is not elected directly via election but is appointed by state government.

Address: Office Municipal Corporation Chirmiri, Malviya Nagar, West Chirmiri en: Kalari, District-Korea
Phone no: 07771-263214
E mail:

Mr Drum Reddy – Current Mayor
Mr. Manoj Singh – Current Municipal Commissioner

Economy of Chirmiri

Chirmiri town has huge reservoir of coal mines and its economy is primarily driven by innumerable coal mines located in and around its town. The biggest coal mine of this region is Chirmiri coalfield. More than half of population is employed in this huge coalfield and is therefore the most critical aspect of Chirmiri’s economy. Spread across 125 square kilometers, a huge part of Chirmiri coalfield is owned by Central India Coalfields while remaining part of the coalfield is run and managed few private companies. Apart from Chirmiri coalfield, there are other coalfields in this region that are just as critical part of this town. These are coalfields are namely Sohagpur Coalfield (located 14 kms away), Jhilimili Coalfield (Located 48 kilometres away from Chirmiri Railway Station) and Sonhat Colliery (Located in north-east of Chirimiri city). Another very integral part of Chirmiri’s economy is its local tourism. Being a very beautiful hills station it attracts fair number of tourists every year. These visiting tourists obviously bring in huge revenue and employment opportunities for this hills station region.

Banks in Chirmiri

urrently just two or three reputed banks are operating their branches here. This indeed comes as a surprise, especially when you take into account all the economic progress that this town has made during last few decades. Although they cannot have huge impact on local banking services like commercial banks do, but their presence is still very much valued by local people here.

State Bank of India
Address: Bartunga, Dist : Koriya, Chhatisgarh, Chirimiri
Phone no: 07771-266820
IFSC Code: SBIN0007577

Address: Pankha Dafai, Haldibadi, Koriya DIST, Chhattisgarh.
Chirmiri 497451
Phone no: not available
IFSC Code: ICIC0001625

Healthcare Services in Chirmiri

Decades of economic success and prosperity has paved way for decent numbers of well equipped hospitals in this town. Although this town needs more such hospitals to make its healthcare services really self sufficient, but existing number can still termed as pretty good enough. Besides, if you take into account all positive health indicators of this town, then it is proven beyond doubt that existing hospitals have proven to be huge boon for this town. Needless to say, this town also has chemist shops and clinics. In fact there numbers in this town is pretty high and they are obviously a very important pillar of local healthcare services. Overall, it can be summed up that Chirmiri’s healthcare services is pretty reliable. This despite the fact that considerable infrastructure deficiencies still continue to exist.

Hospitals in Chirmiri

Gupta Clinic
Address: Ward-4, CHM Colony, Near KBS Campus, Chirmiri- 497773
Phone no: (07771) 243713

Guria Clinic
Address: 8-C, Doctors Colony, Near Civil Hospital, Godripara, Chirmiri- 497773
Phone no: (07771) 243732

Biswas Clinic
Address: 163, Haldibadi Road, Near Haldibadi Road Bus Stand, Chirmiri- 497773
Phone no: (07771) 262337

Sarkar Clinic
Address: 25, Manendragarh Road, Near Railway Bookings, Chirmiri- 497773
Phone no: (07771) 241127

Agarwal Clinic
Address: 15/N, Haldibadi Road, Near HP Petrol Bunk, Chirmiri- 497773
Phone no: (07771) 262369

Transportation in Chirmiri

There are more than sufficient numbers of auto rickshaws plying in this town. Incoming tourists as well as local commuters can very easily find auto rickshaws from any part of the town. The town’s sufficient numbers of auto rickshaws, in other words, are doing a pretty fine job in handling local transportation demand. Coming to connectivity, then Chirmiri Railway station is very critical for this town. Although not a junction, but station is very important for its tourist economy as well as for exporting coal to rest of India. It is directly connected to important cities like Raipur and Bilaspur and also to many of the important cities of neighboring Madhya Pradesh state.

Tourist Destinations in Chirmiri

Although Chirmiri hills station is not a really famous hills station, but it does have many beautiful tourist destinations that make it really worth visiting. Below is brief description of all the famous tourist destinations in this hills station town.

Profile of Chirmiri
Lord Jagannath Temple

Lord Jagannath Temple : This is unarguably one of the most beautiful and famous temples of Chirmiri town. Going by name most of you may have already guessed that this temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu, just as famous Jagannath Temple in Puri city is. However, similarity between these temples does not end here at all. Another very unique similarity is that Chirmiri’s Lord Jagannath Temple is built by the very same workers who built Puri’s famous Jagannath Temple. NAlthough Chirmiri’s Jagannath Temple is not as grand as Puri temple, but it still has a very enchanting beauty, which every year draws hordes of tourists.

Amrit Dhara Waterfalls: Located in Manendragarh Town - some 38 Kms away from Chirmiri town - Amrit Dhara waterfall is unarguably the most beautiful picnic spot located near to Chirmiri region. What makes this waterfall beautiful is obviously the fact that it is surrounded by immense lush greenery from all sides. Besides, height of this waterfall is pretty big as well, which only further adds to attraction of this place.

Kalibadi Temple: This is yet another very famous temple located on a hill in nearby village of Haldibadi. The temple is very grand and is located on a hill that is dotted with immense lush greenery. In other words, this temple has everything to offers that makes it pretty worth visiting in every sense.

Police in Chirmiri

Chirmiri is one of the most important industrial coal belts of our country. Therefore a local police station has been stationed in this town to ensure that law and order in this all important industrial town does stay in control. And considering the fact that this industrial town never has had any brush with any law and order problem, we can definitely conclude that this local police station has done a pretty fine job.

Superintendent of Police, Baikunthpur
Tel: 07836-23223,232239,232743

Incharge Police Station, Chirmiri
Tel: 07771-261117

Chirmiri in a glance

Country : India
State : Chhattisgarh
District : Koriya
Population (2011)
• Total : 103,500
• Official : Hindi, Chhattisgarhi
Telephone code : 07771
Vehicle registration: CG16

  • E-mail

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